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November 29, 2011

Guyana preliminary elections results as at noon

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Written by Demerara Waves   
Tuesday, 29 November 2011 11:26
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guyana_electionsGECOM chairman Dr. Steve Surujbally has urged Guyanese to be patient with the slothfulness of the announcement of preliminary results from Monday's General and Regional Elections stating that they must verify the numbers with the hard copies of the Statements of Polls (SOP) from around the country.
"We at GECOM cannot sacrifice exactitude and thoroughness, we cannot compromise our efficiency on the altar of expediency, that is clear," he told reporters at a news briefing Tuesday morning.

The chairman noted that some results are being called in but they will not be used.
"For us only the SOP hard copy is what counts," Dr. Surujbally stated. Below are the preliminary figures released so far by GECOM.
Meanwhile the OAS has appealed to the political parties to be patient and not to release unofficial elections results.
Overall figures for General election:
APNU – 21,563
AFC – 3,636
PPP/C – 19562
TUF – 52
Total ballots cast – 45,332        Total valid – 44,813
Below is the text of the OAS statement
GeorgetownGuyana – November 29, 2011) Professor Gordon Shirley, Chief of Mission for the Organisation of American States Electoral Observation Mission in Guyana said today that the OAS\OEM continues to monitor the results gathering process following the November 28, 2011 regional and general elections.

“We currently have observers present at the GECOM tabulation centre and in the office of the returning officer in region 4 who are following each step of the result gathering and tabulation process. These observers have been present on a 24 hour basis since the close of polls,” said Professor Shirley, “I urge all actors in the electoral process to remain patient in awaiting the official voting results and to refrain from releasing unofficial election results before the GECOM have completed their work,” he added.

“Credible and timely results are the cornerstone of any elec

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