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The J.R. Watkins Home-Based Business

  Independent Watkins Consultant Milton Drepaul (#757527) proudly presents the respected home business with J.R. Watkins.

Start your Watkins membership today and earn income
with a respected work-from-home business
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Special Bonus! — Everyone who joins our team during November can qualify for a free gift certificate for $20 worth of Watkins Products, from the leaders of our branch of the Watkins organization. What a sweet way to start your Watkins membership! Click for more about this Special Offer.

Learn About Our Business — Our online brochure takes you on a complete tour of our business. Quickly learn everything you're wondering, including: "How much can I earn? What would I be doing? What's it going to cost?" and "How much time will it take?" Click here for all the details.

Get to Know J.R. Watkins — This two-minute video overview of J.R. Watkins highlights the heritage and quality of J.R. Watkins products, which will make you feel proud to represent this great company. Click here to watch the video.

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We'd love to help you begin earning income with Watkins,
Milton Drepaul (Independent Watkins Consultant #757527).

Click here to ask a question or have Milton contact you.
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The statements made and opinions expressed on this site are those of Independent Watkins Consultants who are recognized by the J.R. Watkins Company as official training and support leaders for the Watkins Home-Based Business opportunity, who have published this website as a free business-building tool for our team member Milton Drepaul (Independent Watkins Consultant #757527). 

The statements made and opinions expressed on this site are from these field leaders and have not been specifically reviewed by the J.R. Watkins Company. Testimonials are based on personal experiences, and we cannot guarantee these same results for everyone.

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