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August 10, 2017

doTerra essential oils--Jennifer Tu Angus, Ontario

Essential oils can help the neurons in our bodies to transmit and receive messages more efficiently because of their natural regenerative and soothing properties.

Oils from doTERRA are pure and powerful. For example, just x1 drop of Peppermint oil is equivalent to28 cups of Peppermint tea! So typically people use just x1 drop per application.

There are over 200 different essential oil companies in North America - but their products vary greatly in their chemical constituents. In fact, about 98% of these other companies are only interested in the aromatic effects of their oils - many of them use synthetics instead of natural ingredients to create that aroma. 

There are 3 reasons I chose to use doTERRA in my home and holistic nutrition business:

•All doTERRA oils are independently tested through 7 processes to ensure that the CPTG label represents the purest and most potent oils on the market today.

•The oils are sourced across the globe where the plant grows abundantly. That is where the highest chemical constituent will be found for that plant.

•The company culture is incredible. This was what drew me the most - I feel very aligned with the vision they have and the impact they are having on the world. I believe that your ‘vibe attracts your tribe’ and this is so evident in doTERRA.

I believe that it's because of these 3 things that doTerra has become the largest essential oil company in the world in just 8 years of operating. 

They have the respect of both the growing alternative natural health care community across the globe and the medical community where the opportunity to use a therapeutic grade oil is needed in research and practice.

I know once you take the caps off - you’ll see the difference right away. 

Jennifer Tu--Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant  Angus, Ontario, Canada 

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