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July 31, 2017

Identify your true life path

If you’re not excited, you're on the wrong path!

Are you one of those people who jump out of bed every morning, excited to meet the day and looking forward to all the great things you can accomplish and experience?
Are you forever hitting the snooze button because being asleep is far better than this so-called monotonous “life” of going to work and doing chores on the weekends? (Okay, it’s not that bad, but sometimes… )
Do you feel like you have untapped potential but you don’t know where to start?
It’s time to get on the right path for you because you deserve to wake up with a big smile on your face and fearlessly give yourself to the world. The world needs YOU!
Here are some thought-provoking questions that will help you get on the right path for you.
Let yourself feel the truth in what you are saying, to help you identify your true path.
Here are a few guidelines for this exercise:
  • Sit in meditation for a few minutes before you do this exercise, to clear your mind and de-stress.
  • Do the exercise when you’re in a positive frame of mind.
  • Answer each question with the first spontaneous gut-response thought that you have.
  • Do not second-guess your answers.
  • FEEL your body’s response to each question - if there is even the slightest twinge of “no” then the answer is a conditioned one that is not aligned with who you really are.
  • Meditate afterward, to “sit with” your answers. Let them percolate inside you so that your truth can emerge.
  • Repeat the exercise several times this month. You may find that some of your answers change as you do the exercise repeatedly. That’s okay. It could be that your first responses were the conditioned ones - the “should” responses, not the “want” responses. Let the “should” responses fade away… they’re not yours to hold.
  • You might find that you draw a blank on some of these answers. That’s okay. Do not force any answers. Leave a question blank if you don’t know right away. Take a few minutes to do this exercise completely, leave the unknowns blank, and then sit with your thoughts in meditation and let the answers bubble to the surface.

1. I get most excited when I ___________________________.
2. I feel most accomplished when I ________________________________.
3. My life feels like a great adventure when I _______________________________.
4. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude when _____________________________.
5. Everything seems to flow and work out perfectly when I ____________________________.
6. I have the most fun when I ___________________________.
7. I feel I am in peak performance mode when I _____________________________.
8. I feel I am contributing the most when I _________________________________.
9. I feel an overwhelming sense of love and joy when I ______________________________.
10. I lose track of time when I ________________________________.
11. I act in spite of my fears when I am ________________________________.
12. I have inspired ideas when I think about _________________________________.
13. People enjoy being around me the most when I am _______________________________.
14. My imagination is boundless when I think about ________________________________.
15. I feel fulfilled when I _____________________________________.
16. I feel like I belong when I ____________________________________.
17. I feel I am using my talents when I _________________________________.
18. When I set goals aligned with my passions, I feel energized, motivated, inspired, committed and fearless (true/false) _______.
19. I can clearly picture myself achieving what’s most important to me (true/false) _______.
20. I feel most ALIVE when I _________________________.
Each time you do this exercise, write down any patterns you notice. Maybe it’s a particular activity that jumps out at you, or a desire to achieve a certain feeling or state of being. Whatever the patterns, notice them and write them down.
The post-exercise meditation is important. It’s a chance to observe your answers non-judgmentally. You might realize that some of your answers are the result of your conditioned excuses as to why you can’t do the thing that pulls at your heart. Over time, these answers will fade away as you develop the courage to really listen to your inner wisdom.
And then, once you’ve mapped out exactly what you want, make a plan. What are the tiny, daily steps you can do starting right away, to start on that wonderful journey that is uniquely yours?
To a simpler more fulfilling life,
Steven JohnsonCo-founder
Brainwave Research UK

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