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November 12, 2016

A  convenient way to use castor oil on your body. Edgar Cayce highly recommended castor oil for its vibrational healing power.
I have been successfully using castor oil since the 70's.
This book deals with Cayce's ideas on castor oil healing. Cayce called castor oil 'Palma Christi' -the oil of Christ
The Miracle Oil is a compilation of more than fifty years’ research on this amazing, all-natural remedy, part of Cayce’s CARE approach to wellness: Circulation, Assimilation, Relaxation, and Elimination. Using passages from Edgar Cayce’s readings and actual accounts of patients who have successfully used the oil for various treatments, this book is a thorough guide to the application of castor oil as a balm for skin problems, a soothing tonic for alleviating allergies, and the famous Cayce “castor oil pack” for relief problems- from abdominal pain to warts and everything in between- you’ll find more than 100 conditions listed along with their castor oil remedy.” (from Amazon description)

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