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February 26, 2014

Suriname's president warns U.S. over interference

PARAMARIBO, Feb. 25 (Xinhua) -- Suriname's President Desi Bouterse warned on Tuesday that the U.S. ambassador may need to leave the country due to the alleged interference in the upcoming election.
The U.S. ambassador in Suriname will most likely get a warning letter from the government of Suriname on Feb. 26,in which he will be asked to defend himself, said Bouterse during a ceremony commemorating the Revolution Day.
"If the ambassador cannot properly defend himself,he may be asked to leave the country," he added.
According to Bouterse, the U.S. ambassador said and did things to avoid the coming election in Suriname because "the other president is not ready."
Bouterse said he is well aware of possible scenarios to influence the election results, but they do not worry him.
"No matter the election is held earlier or later,the opposition has no chance of winning. The president that the people of Suriname want will come to power," Bouterse noted.
He stressed that Suriname is not happy with interference from foreign countries in its national matters.
The general election for a new parliament and government in Suriname is scheduled to be held in May 2015, but the political battle has already broken out.

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