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July 25, 2013

Is the Caribbean ready for crowd funding? Kenton Wyatt asks.

Kenton Wyatt , Director of Kendrum Music Academy in Brampton, Ontario has decided to test the philanthropy of Caribbean Music and Art lovers by going to Indiegogo (an online Crowd funding) site- - to raise the money he needs to take 12 young musicians to the International Festival of Arts- CARIFESTA in Suriname. So far, however, the response on his site has been lackluster. Between 10-50 businesses contributions of $100-$1000 can make a dramatic difference to the project.
Kenton is appealing to Caribbean businesses to take up the challenge and go to his site and make a contribution. He feels that this will be a win-win proposition for both his project and Caribbean business owners.
In addition to the perks on his Indiegogo site Kenton is offering the following additional ones to businesses.
Kendrum Academy will recognize contributors over $100 in an online article with embedded links to the business.
Links to contributing business and mention of the business will be done on our websites and the many websites of AlphaMax Academy.
Kendrum Academy will have a plaque and banner with contributing business names in the academy.
Contributing businesses will be mentioned prominently in Kendrum Academy flyers.
The Academy is making an HD movie of the project and contributing business will be mentioned both at the beginning and end of the movie as well in the promotion of the movie. This movie will be aired in Canada and on TV in Guyana and Surinam. It will also be available online.

The academy will create a CD of music played at CARIFESTA and this CD will also feature the names of contributing business prominently. The CD will be marketed aggressively in Canada and across the Caribbean.
According to Kenton,” Caribbean people and businesses have an ideal opportunity to support Kendrum Academy’s vision of bringing peace and greater understanding to the world through music. We are asking you to both promote and contribute to this venture at our Indiegogo site”

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