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March 17, 2015

Let The Power Fall on I

The average Guyanese voter will wake up on the morning of the 11 May 2015 with the fate of the new Guyana in his or her hands. As she or he brushes the teeth and looks in the mirror thoughts of the power of this day will flow into that voter’s mind. That voter will have to face up to the two greatest barriers preventing the average person from achieving success—fear and doubt.
Daid Granger- Guyana's visionary leader

I love a song made by Max Romeo in Jamaica in the early 70’s. (This will make the young see me as a fossil!). It was the song that awoke the masses of Jamaica and propelled Michael Manley and the PNP to power in 1972. It was called ‘Let the power fall on I’  ( Lyrics here )It is a tremendous invocation—a calling of the supreme power to flow through one.

So as I see this voter pondering about the day I hear in my mind:
Oh, let the power fall on I, far I
Let the power fall on I
Oh, let the power from Zion fall on I

The ruling party has put its faith in the power of manipulation. It is quietly confident that it has put overwhelming fear into those of its supporters who were thinking of voting for APNUAFC. It is also confident that it has put doubt into the minds of some possible APNU AFC voters. ‘There is no point in voting. Don’t think of voting for the opposition. We have got this thing sewn up. We have won before.’

In my head I hear Max Romeo thunder out:
Let the power fall on I
Oh, divide justice, peace and love far I
Divide justice, peace and love

Today, dear voter Guyana needs you to be strong, to have courage, to stand up for yourself, your loved ones, for your country. Go beyond fear. Go beyond doubt. Become a winner. Join the winning team-APNUAFC. You hold the power in your hands to transform your life and your country.

Max invokes for you. He asks, then says:
 How long will the wicked reign far I?
Oh, let the wicked burn in flames far I
Let the wicked burn in flames

So dear voter fill yourself with power from above. Lift your heard, square your shoulders, put a winning smile on your face. Imagine how proud you will feel when you say to your friends:’ On May 11 I showed my love for Guyana by voting for the APNUAFC  team. I linked my dream for a decent, disciplined, secure and prosperous Guyana with President David Granger and Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo. I was part of history. I believed in winning. I destroyed fear and doubt. I thought for myself. I did not let my mind be manipulated.
David & Sandra Granger Moses & Sita Nagamootoo

Oh, let the power fall on I, far I
Let the power fall on I
Oh, let the power from Zion fall on I

God Bless a united Guyana! 

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