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March 31, 2014

Interpol to assist Suriname in border patrol

—The International police organization (Interpol) will help Suriname to guard its borders. 
Chief of Police, Humphrey Tjin Liep Shie, in his statement emphasized that Interpol and Suriname worked well together. 

In addition to expertise in border patrol, Tjin Liep Shie hopes he can get Interpol assistance in registering and identifying firearms.

Identifying areas where Suriname can make increased use of INTERPOL’s global policing tools and services to enhance national and regional security was a key issue during Secretary General Ronald K. Noble’s first official visit to the country.

During his meetings with Minister of Justice and Police, Edward Belfort,  Attorney General Subhas Punwasi and Commissioner of Police Humphrey Tjin Liep Shie, the INTERPOL Chief underlined the importance of expanding access to the Organization’s network and databases.

“Throughout the Americas law enforcement agencies face a range of challenges ‒ including drug trafficking, people smuggling and environmental crime ‒ which require a unified effort which INTERPOL stands ready to support,” said Secretary General Noble.

“The unique global tools and expertise provided by INTERPOL ensure that national police can benefit from support from around the world via our network of 190 member countries,” added the INTERPOL Chief.

Secretary General Noble also visited the INTERPOL National Central Bureau in Paramaribo.

The INTERPOL Chief met with the head of the NCB Robert Rakijo and his staff  who act as the central point of contact between the Suriname Police Force and INTERPOL’s other 189 member countries.

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