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August 20, 2013

" Awakening the Spirit of CARIFESTA" continues at AlphaMax Academy

After an immensely successful day of activities yesterday AlphaMax has its second day of CARIFESTA related activities. Today it joins with 10 spiritual organizations to 'Awaken the Spirit of CARIFESTA' to all the participants and guests visiting.

Workshops on Stress Free living,Steel Pan and Drums, Creative Brushstrokes in Watercolour,Painting from the Soul and Chikung are being held in the morning and afternoon.
Young People Learning music-the language of peace.

There will a showing of videos and films by several groups.At 10.00a.m "Who am I" by the Brahma Kumaris WSO; " Healthy Living" -Rick Kewal; " Many Faces of Love"-- AlphaMax Academy: " Atlantis" - Trinity Meditation Group; " Elements of Earth-Soefi Beweging Suriname.

There are also several meditation sessions.At 11.10a.m.and 3.10p.m. Sufi Meditation ( Soefi Beweging Suriname); 3.10 p.m. Light Meditation (  Sri Sathya Sai Baba Organisatie); 4.10 p.m. Breathing Workshop.

 At 6.p.m there will be an evening concert . Participating groups will present cultural items along with a unique full-moon fire ceremony following an invocation song and dance.

The evening will end with a guided collective meditation to bring light, love and success to Suriname and the world.

Al activities are at AlphaMax Learning Center  18-24 Stanvastestraat, Zorg-en-Hoop, Parimaribo.

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